Family History

                   Hargrove History
The Hargrove family are dececendants of Africa. It is believed that our family traces it's roots to Jamaica. Our ancestors being slaves were transported to Louisiana by the way of New Orleans. The present day Hargroves are off springs of Wiley and Isabelle Hargrove who lived in Poland, Louisiana near Alexandria. To this marriage were born 14 sibblings, Wiley Jr, Elijah, Prince, Grant, Earl, Hemon,  Willis, Alfred, Classie, Clara, Mona, Sarah, Bessie and Lucy.  
                             Family  Tree
Father                                           Mother
Wiley                                             Isabelle

Classie's Childrens are: Nelli Bell, Suzie Jones
Theresa Bryant, Louweiser Dodson, Clara Bell
Mageline Weekly,  Clementine Mitchell, Nora Bell, Elijah Bell, Esaw Bell, Ananine Bell,

Sarah's Children Are: John Rich, Joe Rich Irma Rich Hayes, Bessie Mae Rich Johnson, Betty Jean Rich Thompson, Elbert Rich, George Turner

Earl's (Little Buddy) Children are: Joanne Jones,Thelma James, Carolyn, Ella Mae, Marilyn, Euela Mae, Donald Ray, Tina and Mary Lee Madden

Elijah (Big Buddy)  No Children

Alfred's(QT) Children are:Euince Jhones and

Mona''s Children are: Doris, Girlie, Myrtle 
Bessie: 1 child- Frances

Hemon's children are: Roy, Kim Hargrove 

Willis  no children

Grant: no children

Prince's Children are; Lebraska, Bessie, Prince, Elizabeth, Isabelle, Mary, Thomas Issac, Thomas, Glen, Sandy L. Alfred, Elijah, Johnny, Patricia

Lucy Children; unknown

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