Family Reunion 2022 is being hosted by:

Hargrove Family Reunion National Committee:

Alisa Fox Ervin
Destiny Hargrove-Johnson
Debra Hargrove
Elijah Hargrove
Willis Hargrove
Benicia Hargrove
Janice Hamilton
Don Hamilton

Roy C. Hargrove
Joanne Hargrove
Johnny Hargrove
Edna Hargrove
Latisha Ware
Tony Ware
Mary L Fox-Philips 
Prince Hargrove 
Rev. Dr. Prince Hargrove
Tommie Hargrove 
Shanfonda Kline
Yvette Hargrove-Brown MD

If you have any questions to the committee do not hesitate to give us a call,  at  310-701-9179  or email