Hargrove Family Reunion National Committee Members
Hargrove Family Reunion National Committee Members

The Hargrove Family Reunion National Committe 
The Hargrove Family Bylaws 
The Hargrove Family Association 
The Family Bylaws 

The name of this organization shall be the Hargrove Family Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association").
To promote Godly family unity, continuing fellowship of all Hargroves and extended family through family reunions and related activities; to create a supportive atmosphere for members who strive for excellence through educational achievements and economic advancements. This committee shall be responsible for establishing, and implementing the guidelines by which the Hargrove Family reunions shall function. Publish and distribute periodic newsletters, web site, social media or other material of interest to the Hargrove family as needed. To foster continuing research and publish research papers documenting the history of the Hargrove family, from early Afro-Euro origins to present generations.
Membership in the association shall be suggested or appointed by the Association to include all persons interested in or related to the Hargrove family, including all variant spellings of the name. Each one will represent a region of the United States.
Members Selected to the Executive Committee are:
Alisa Fox Ervin - Elijah Hargrove – Debra Hargrove - Janice Hamilton - Johnny Hargrove - Edna Hargrove- Latisha Ware - Tony Ware- Mary L Fox - Willis Hargrove - Benicia Hargrove- Prince Hargrove – Tommie Hargrove - Prince Hargrove (PJ) - Roy Hargrove -JoAnne Hargrove - Shafonda Kline - Yvette Hargrove Brown - Destiny Hargrove Johnson
The officers of the Association shall be a President; a Vice-President; Administrative Secretary; Correspondence Secretary; Treasurer; Logistic Historian/Genealogist; Parliamentarian; Assistant Parliamentarian; Chaplin -- all elected by the general membership majority vote.
Their duties shall be as follow:
President/Mary L. Fox - shall preside at all meetings of the Association; serve as chairperson of the Executive Committee; issue a call to all meetings of the Association; represent the Association at functions germane to the advancement of the Association; perform other functions and duties as may pertain to the office of the President.
Vice President /Prince Hargrove - shall act in the president's absence; perform such other duties as may pertain to the office of the Vice President.
Administrative Secretary/Shafonda Kline - shall keep record of the proceedings of the business meetings; perform such other duties as may pertain to the Administrative Secretary.
Correspondence Secretary/Janice Hamilton - shall be responsible for preparing thank you notes, sympathy cards, media correspondence and special recognition; perform such other duties as may pertain to the Correspondence Secretary.
Treasurer/Alisa Fox-Ervin - shall collect and document all membership dues; record all financial expenditures; perform such other duties as may pertain to the office of the Treasurer, including providing periodic financial reports to Association members.
Logistic – Historian/Genealogist/Johnny Hargrove – Responsible for keeping up the web site; create flyers, site and behind the scene activities. Shall research, document, and maintain the history and genealogy of the Hargrove family, from early Afro-Euro origins to present generations.
Chaplin: Prince Hargrove (PJ) – Open and close all meetings with prayer.
Parliamentarian/Assistant Parliamentarian – Roy Hargrove; Maintain order, ensures equality for all members, effective meeting management and make sure the association’s rules are followed.
Chairman on Ways and Means - Elijah Hargrove – Chairperson is to organize fundraisers if needed. Chairperson will assess the viability of each activity, and develop new fundraising events as necessary.
Election of Officers - shall be held bi-annually at the business meetings of the Association, during the family reunion. Any vacancies during the interim between business meetings shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee.
Interim Officers - are those officers elected, appointed, or otherwise assumed office during the business meeting held at the family reunion. These officers shall serve and administer the affairs of the Association until their terms expire and installation of newly elected officers occurs at the next planned reunion.
1) Candidates for any of the above stated offices shall be members of the Association, and must have attained an age of twenty-one (21) years old.
2) Services provided as officers of the Association or as members of committees of the Association shall be gratuitous service.
*The President of the Association reserves the right to appoint committee chairpersons as needed.
Payments of annual dues are required for membership in the Association. Dues shall be paid on an annual basis utilizing a fiscal year (September 1, 2013- August 31, 2014) for the Hargrove Association.
1) Dues for Membership in the Association shall be $25.00 annually per member (due September 1, 2014 for the upcoming fiscal year). These funds will be used to take care of expenses related to the administration of the Association.
2) Members of the Association who aspire to hold a position as an Association officer or chairperson of a committee must be a member in good financial standing.
6) Failure to maintain current dues will result in the loss of membership in the Association.
The finances of the Association shall be accounted for under a budget system.
1) No officer, committee, committee member or member of the Association shall receive any funds or incur any expense for the Association not provided for in these By-Laws unless authorized in writing by the President, with concurrence of the Vice President; nor shall the Treasurer or other authorized person make any payment except for expenditures which have been so approved.
2) There shall be an annual audit of all accounts by the committee members.
3) The treasurer shall be responsible for developing and distributing financial procedures. The Executive committee shall monitor the adherence to the established financial procedures.
The reunion location will be determined two years in advance during the family reunion.
These By-Laws shall become effective by August 1, 2013 upon affirmative votes by a majority of financial members of the Hargrove Family Association (The Association). Copies of the initial Bylaws will be presented to the financial members and ratified upon review.
Upon ratification and effectuation of these By-Laws, the Hargrove Family Association Family Reunion will officially be organized for family fellowship and continuity.
Revisions and additions to the bylaws are to be submitted to the Executive Committee and voted on by the members.
These by-laws may be amended by a Grand Majority vote of members in good standing. Members in good standing, means members whose Association dues are current. The chairperson of the Membership Committee, in conjunction with the Association Treasurer, shall be responsible for maintaining an accounting of active membership in the Association.
The Association disclaims responsibility for the actions and personal opinions of individual members who are in violation of the association's policies and procedures.
We, Committee Members and Associate Committee Members of the Hargrove Family Committee, do hereby subscribe to these articles, and in accordance with the wishes and desires of the full membership of family reunion, and by our signatures, establish the Hargrove Family Reunion.
The Hargrove Family Association
The Family Bylaws Amended and Ratified November 14, 2013
Signed By:
Mary L. Fox, President

Committee Members:
Alisa Fox Ervin
Elijah and Debra Hargrove
Willis & Benicia Hargrove
Janice Hamilton
Johnny & Edna Hargrove
Laticia & Tony Ware
Mary Fox 
Prince Hargrove PJ
Prince & Tommoe Hargrove
Roy and Joanne Hargrove
Shafonda Kline
Yvette Hargrove Brown MD
Destiny Hargrove- Johnson