Hargrove Family National Committee Minutes
Thursday, March 21, 2019 7:45 PM PST
Present: Lisa, Lou, Elijah, Stoney & Tommie, Roy & Joanne
Not Present: Jan, Debra, Joan, Johnny, Tee, Lee Lee, PJ, Fonda, Destiny
Lou stated as far as collection dues, things are going well. 
Lisa gave a financial report.
The following committee members are current thru March:
The following committee members are current thru April:
Roy & Joanne
The following committee member are current thru May:
Prince & Tommie
The following committee members are paid thru February:
Elijah & Deb
The following committee member are paid thru January:
Lee Lee
The following committee members have not paid for 2019.
Total amount collected for 2019 is $640.00
We talked about if anyone wanted to reach out to family members that may want to join the National Committee to do so. 
We talked about if anyone wanted to join the National Committee, they had an option, if they want to join, and they would have to pay dues starting from January 2019, regardless of when the time they join. 
Elijah informed us that Yvette wants to join the National committee and that Lou would reach out to her to collect her money and there was no objection to her paying dues starting from January in order to join.
We talked about any persons that don’t want to join the committee, but want to donate $20 a month, they do not have to pay for T-shirt or hat for the family reunion.  This was mentioned in previous meeting and in the minutes. 
Lou informed the committee that they cannot write checks payable to Hargrove Family Reunion, and the options are:
  • Write a check payable to Mary L Fox, or Alisa Ervin
  • Use Zelle – send to mlf611@yahoo.com or 310.701.9179
  • Or make deposit directly at Wells Fargo account – Account number was provided
Roy mentioned that he wanted to reach out to Deb Hargrove in Alexandria, but Lou did not recommend her and rather reach out to Jan who is on the National Committee.
Lou mentioned some sightseeing that took place in Poland and look into this further.
Meeting adjourned: 8:27 PM PST

Preparation and Task For General Committee Responsible Committee Member Target Date On Target (Y/N Support Needed Follow-up Task Completed

1 to 18 MONTHS
1.  Recruit a planning Committee National Committee Yes
2.  Plan Committee Meetings National Committee Every 3 months – next meeting 3/21/19
4.  Set a Date and Place National Committee July 23-26 
Alexandria La
5. Gather Relatives Contact Info
Invite family to Hargrove Facebook page Johnny, Lisa and Lou

6. Send Save the Date Announcement Lisa and Lou 
7. Identify Reunion Bank Account Lisa and Lou Wells Fargo Zelle (See Web page)
8. Create budget – notify family members of cost and start collection of monies/dues Committee – ask for Donors

Lisa and Lou
9. Determine a  Theme and Colors    Committee Remembering our Roots and Looking Forward to Future Generations with 2020 Vision Colors: 
“Black” “Gold”
10. Brainstorm Activities

Picnic ??                                               

Banquet ??


Church Services 
Daughter of Zion Church 
222 Dewitt Ln
Alexandria La. 
Pastor Willie Sewell Jr.

T-shirts & hats



Elijah and Deb

12 Months
1. Book the reunion Venue for 
Meet and Greet 
Jan, Fonda & Wanda
2. Book the Reunion venue for Banquet Jan, Fonda & Wanda
3. Book the reunion venue for Picnic Jan, Fonda & Wanda
4. Book the reunion venue for Worship Service Roy
5. Book a Caterer (if using)  - 
Jan, Fonda & Wanda
6. Photographer, videographer, 

7. Book entertainment Cearea Kline

8. Reserve other items such as table chairs etc. Jan, Fonda & Wanda
9. Investigate any permits etc. Jan, Fonda & Wanda
10. Create maps
11. Contact City /Proclamation Lou

9 Months
1. Design and send the Invitation (as needed)
2. Order mementos and souvenirs (Trophies etc.) Ask local Vendors for handouts

3. Order T-Shirts/hats etc.
4. Create Programs
5. Identify recipients and Create Awards and Certificates – Note Milestones- Graduations – Traveled the Farthest- etc. Johnny & Stoney
6. Begin preparing Family history, slide shows, souvenir booklet Lou and Destiny
And Johnny
7. Send a reminder notice Johnny/Lisa
8. Look for discounts and sales of non-perishable items such as paper plates, cups, utensils, sodas, games, decorations, napkins etc. 
Louisiana Committee

6 Months
1. Send Official Invitation Johnny/Lisa/Lou
2. Follow-up on reservations Lou
3. Check out Hotel (physical visit) Taste food for banquet Jan, Fonda & Wanda
4. Make sure all Committee Members are on Target with their assignments Lou