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Hello Family, and welcome to the Hargrove Family Reunion Website!!!

Save the Dates
July 19th thru july 22th

This website is for all Hargrove Family Reunions if you choose to use it.  The 2018 reunion will be held in The Beautiful Golden State of California, the  Host City is the EastBay hosted by Roy (Sonny) Hargrove/Johnny Hargrove and Committee. We have 4 exciting days planned for everyone starting July 19, through July 22, 2018.

Feel free to visit this site as often as you like and share your information with us. This site is where you will find out about our reunions as well as information that will be sent to you.

You may use this site to RSVP, sign the Guest Book make your comments or just say hello to your family. Also, visit the Family page and download your "before" & "after" cute pictures.
And just for fun, check out our Quiz Page and see how much you know about the Hargrove family. Questions will be changed periodically.

Please, we need pictures of all our uncles, aunts and cousins to post on the family album. You can email them or put them in the mail. They will be returned.


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